Google’s New Open Source Web Browser- Chrome

The buzz in the online community is about the new browser Google has come up with called Chrome, it will compete with Explorer and Firefox. Although the site is not live, word on the street is that the beta version will go live tonight. This is all well and good, but some may wonder what exactly does open source mean? “It is a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge” (Calgary, 2008).   

Google’s Chrome boasts of:

·     a browser that “will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8

·     will use special tabs

·     an address bar with auto-completion features

·     as a default homepage Chrome presents you with a kind of “speed dial” feature, similar to the one of Opera

·     privacy mode; Google says you can create an “incognito” window “and nothing that occurs in that window is ever logged on your computer

·     Web apps can be launched in their own browser window without address bar and toolbar

·     To fight malware and phishing attempts, Chrome is constantly downloading lists of harmful sites” (Lenssen, 2008)

While the beta version will be using Windows in as many as 100 countries, it will eventually be available for Mac and Linux (BBC, 2008).

What do you think? Are more choices better? Does Google now have control over too much? Why or why not?  I look forward to seeing your responses.

This will be the site address, although as of right now it is not up.


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Attention Scrabble junkies!

If you are addicted to Scrabble, you can now play the game electronically at Tuxwordsmith for free, in many languages. You get English Scrabble, French Scrabble, German Scrabble, Italian Scrabble, Greek Scrabble, Latin Scrabble, Dutch Scrabble, Swahili Scrabble, Spanish Scrabble, Russian Scrabble, Ukranian Scrabble, Swedish Scrabble, Icelandic Scrabble, Norwegian Scrabble, Finnish Scrabble, Brazillian-Portuguese Scrabble, Arabic Scrabble, Hindi Scrabble, Turkish Scrabble, Czech Scrabble, Kurdish Scrabble, Hungarian Scrabble …whew thats alot of scrabble!



Stars are the limit!

Astronomy comes alive using a free simulation software that let’s you explore our universe in three dimensions. Its called Celestia and it is free! Travel the stars, the zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, it comes with a huge catalog of stars, galaxies, planets, asteriods, comets and spacecraft. And you can add dozens of installs.

Get control in of your time!

Time Management is a skill

Time Management is a skill

A new start to the semester brings new classes, new professors, perhaps a new job, and add that the obligations to friends and family. How will you remember it all? How can you get it together before you forget something important? Dustin Wax, a contributing editor and project manager at and a Professor of  anthropology and women’s studies in Las Vegas, NV came  up with a four part system that will organize your time. His step by step system is found at the following address.

And that is what I am doing this weekend!

Nice to have all of you back have a great and productive fall semester!

“To know where you can find a thing is the chief part of learning”

That was an anonymous quote. And is very true especially in the library. How many times did we hear “I can’t find the reference desk” (space was not clearly marked) , “we need more power outlets”, “we need more study areas”.

So this summer we dedicated  hours (and hard work) to the re-organization of many sections of the library, so that you can have a comfortable and attractive place to learn. The reference area is the most obvious effort, the reference desk has moved to give users more privacy when asking questions. The reference computers now have full Microsoft products such as Word and Excel (previously available only upstairs in the lab). There is a new audiovisual space where all of the reference videos and DVDs are together. There is a new study area behind the reference desk. All of the electronic resources such as the microfilm reader, TV & VCR, and the fax are together at the end of the reference area.

Upstairs there are new power outlets so that you can plug in your laptops. Even the library cafe got a makeover! Pictures are available on our facebook page. Are you a library fan? If not do so today so that you can get regular updates about what is new at your library.

More changes to follow…

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

This is the title of the cover for The Atlantic magazine.  Stop by the periodicals section

and tell me what you think of Mr. Carr’s article.