Good Luck on this weeks finals!

So, here we already at the holiday season. A time for fun, family and shopping. But between this wonderful time and you loom finals week. Well we found some tips for you to get through it!

1. Don’t Panic- this is only a COMPONENT of your final grade. Of course if you have been slacking off all semester, then that is a whole other issue (see my time management post).

2. Don’t be too relaxed- ok so I said don’t panic, not slack off. It may be up to 30% of your grade. Do all you can to be prepared, you know what your weaknesses are!

3. Make time to do your usual routines- especially one that are healthy like exercise. Go for your morning jog, etc.

4. Use the study method that works for you- this is not the time to practice new techniques

5.  Sleep- plenty of it, cramming and all nighters just make you jittery and tired.

6. Don’t procrastinate- if your exam is next week START NOW.

7. Arrive on time- you need every minute of the exam time, plus who wants to be embarrassed and disturbing others?

8. See the second link below on good exam taking.

9. Don’t worry about others finishing first- it doesn’t mean anything. Take the time you need.

10. When you are done, let it go.

And enjoy your holiday! Be safe and we will see you in the spring!




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