Attention Scrabble junkies!

If you are addicted to Scrabble, you can now play the game electronically at Tuxwordsmith for free, in many languages. You get English Scrabble, French Scrabble, German Scrabble, Italian Scrabble, Greek Scrabble, Latin Scrabble, Dutch Scrabble, Swahili Scrabble, Spanish Scrabble, Russian Scrabble, Ukranian Scrabble, Swedish Scrabble, Icelandic Scrabble, Norwegian Scrabble, Finnish Scrabble, Brazillian-Portuguese Scrabble, Arabic Scrabble, Hindi Scrabble, Turkish Scrabble, Czech Scrabble, Kurdish Scrabble, Hungarian Scrabble …whew thats alot of scrabble!




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