“To know where you can find a thing is the chief part of learning”

That was an anonymous quote. And is very true especially in the library. How many times did we hear “I can’t find the reference desk” (space was not clearly marked) , “we need more power outlets”, “we need more study areas”.

So this summer we dedicated  hours (and hard work) to the re-organization of many sections of the library, so that you can have a comfortable and attractive place to learn. The reference area is the most obvious effort, the reference desk has moved to give users more privacy when asking questions. The reference computers now have full Microsoft products such as Word and Excel (previously available only upstairs in the lab). There is a new audiovisual space where all of the reference videos and DVDs are together. There is a new study area behind the reference desk. All of the electronic resources such as the microfilm reader, TV & VCR, and the fax are together at the end of the reference area.

Upstairs there are new power outlets so that you can plug in your laptops. Even the library cafe got a makeover! Pictures are available on our facebook page. Are you a library fan? If not do so today so that you can get regular updates about what is new at your library.

More changes to follow…


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