Is Google Making Us Stupid?

This is the title of the cover for The Atlantic magazine.  Stop by the periodicals section

and tell me what you think of Mr. Carr’s article.

One response to “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  1. I think they’re right because by the third page of this article my mind began to wonder I struggled to keep focus but maybe it’s because I’ve been up and working since 7:30am and it’s now 9:13pm and I’m still working. Although, I must admit my peek hours for information retention is from 11am-7pm after that I go downhill.

    Being a librarian I am constantly reading e-mails, reports and news online throughout the day. I think that this phenomenon is due to a lack of time with some people. I find that the ctrl-f feature has aided in this dumbing down process. If I am doing research on the computer my hands immediately reach for ctrl-f on the keyboard instead of reading over the entire article.

    People barely have time for their families never mind reading a lengthy book. With the current economic situation people are working more than ever, sometimes 2 jobs, so any shortcut that saves time is good for them. When I do have time to read a novel for pleasure I am ecstatic. I love books and reading. I think it is important for us to make time to read books. It is the frequency needed that I am unsure of. As we all know we are living in unprecedented times, in which the rate of information available exceeds our ability to process this information. Only time will tell!! I do wish I saw more kids reading in the public libraries rather than playing games online. Not to mention the quick fingers that go directly to Google without looking at an encyclopedia right in front of them. We cannot escape the Information Age or the fact that almost everything will become electronic because hopefully it help save trees and our environment but we can remember that sometimes there is nothing better than a good book that touches the soul.

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