Get a room!

Although its not mean to be slept in (although we have seen some exhausted students getting some zzz’s from time to time), you can in fact reserve a room for your study group. Library Study Room 1 is available to groups of two or more students for a two hour period (of course if there is no one waiting you may renew for another two hour period).  Students are served on a first come first serve basis. What do you need to provide when requesting a room? Your current University I.D. card.

Anything else? Yes! Contents of the room (especially the chairs) are not to be moved!

If you cannot use Library Study Room 1 do not dispair, there is another option.  Library Room 2 can be used by groups but it cannot be reserved and it’s use can be terminated at any time. It houses a special curriculumn collection and access to it must be available at any time.



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