STU Library has a newsletter! Check it out below..


The University Library has its own newsletter! And rightly so since the library is a very busy place.

Do you ever wonder who invented the newsletter? I did, and being a librarian of course I looked it up. First, lets define it. Random House Unabridged Dictionary says it is “a written report, usually issued periodically, prepared by or for a group or institution, as a business firm, charitable organization, or government agency, to present information to employees, contributors, stockholders, or the like, and often to the press and public”.

In our newsletter you will definitely see it periodically, quarterly in fact, and it will be prepared by the University Librarians although anyone can contribute. All this is well and fine you say but who came up with the concept? Well the earliest form I could come up with was all the way back in 1704, when it “was much simpler to recount the news printed in London journals about English politics and Europeans” (Blackmon, 2008). The newsletters name? The Boston News-letter! read more about it, The Boston Newsletter.

Blackmon, P (2008). Retrieved June 30, 2008, from The Voice of Women Web site:


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